Cars make some people swoon. The slick curves, gleaming chrome.  Yes, I’m one of those people, at least with certain cars.

After my parents passed away, I decided some of the money I inherited should go towards a new, safe car.  The one I was driving was neither.  Since I had such great luck with my Mazda 323 back in the day, I went to Polar Chev Mazda to look at the latest models.  They were disappointing and rather ugly.  As I was walking back to my hunk of junk… I saw it.  Dark.  Mysterious.  Unlike anything I had seen before.  My reaction was weak-kneed and almost hormonal.  “What is that?!  I NEED one!”  It was a 2007 Chevrolet HHR.  I had had a similar reaction the first time I saw Brian O’Halloran in the movie “Clerks” so the car was christened Dante.

Illustration above is by the most talented Chris Kriegerowski.

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, I was able to write out a check for the entire purchase and was even able to talk them down in price (Dad would have been so proud!).

Dante has since moved onto another owner.  His gas mileage wasn’t quite as good as it could have been and the ride wasn’t very comfortable.  His replacement?  A Mitsubishi Lancer that handles like a race car and sips gas instead of guzzles.  His name?  Randal, Dante’s best friend in “Clerks.”



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