Long ago and far away… okay, maybe not so far away but a really, really long time ago, there were moments of great romantic swoonage in my life.  Times that made my knees turn to jelly and my heart to mush.  I’d be remiss not to mention a few here as examples and historical references.  This is a swoon blog, after all.  Names have been withheld to avoid any potential embarrassment.

From the Classic, suitable for Hollywood file:

  • I first saw him from across a crowded room.  The rest of the world stopped when he looked at me.
  • A few months later, we were on our way to a formal occasion, hand in hand, dressed in our finest, when a young boy asked if we were getting married. He replied, “Someday!”
  • After a tearful farewell, I was seated in a Greyhound bus, heading for home.  My forehead was pressed against the cool window.  There was a commotion outside from next to the bus on the highway so I opened my eyes… my knight in shining Volkswagen was driving along-side the bus…

From the Romantic comedy file:

  • We were at dinner on our first date.  I was shaking with nerves.  In the process, I dropped a large glop of ketchup on my shirt!  As I was wiping it off in a panic with a napkin and water, he was trying to calm me, soothe me.  He said my name softly a few times until I made eye contact with him.  He then stuck his finger into the ketchup on my plate and smeared a dollop onto his own shirt.  “There! We match now!”  His megawatt smile made my nervousness melt away.

From the Once in a lifetime file:

  • Driving us to the surprise date location, he turned into the parking lot of the small local airport. I was very surprised, to say the least!  A little while later he was helping me into his plane.  Our date?  To watch the sun set from the air over the river in a town a half-state away.  He saw it once, thought it was pretty, and wanted to share it with me.

From the Breathless file:

  • When we met, the age difference was substantial enough to be noted and respected… but the chemistry was substantial as well.  One evening after I hugged him goodbye, I kissed his cheek.  The blush started from where my lips had touched him and quickly colored his entire face.  I think I muttered an apology and something about how I had tried to hold off doing that for a very long time but couldn’t any longer, then I left.
  • Flash far forward.  One evening the buzzer sounded at my apartment. He was home from college on a break and decided to look me up.  We had a wonderful chat and brought each other up to speed on where our lives had taken us.  When it was time for him to be leaving, he pulled me in close, and kissed me… substantially.  He pulled away, smirked at me as I wobbled on rubbery legs and said, “I’ve waited 15 years to do that.  Goodnight!”

Thank you, gentlemen, for making me swoon.  I’m honored to have spent time in your company and still love you in your own ways.

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