EEE: An experimental guitarist and composer. Born in Denmark. Improviser. Pedal geek. #cloudgram aficionado. Founding member of The Friendly Guitar Trio.  Darned fine human being.

I am not a musician yet music is my passion.  It speaks to me.  It moves me.  It takes me with it and when it’s good, I gladly get lost, somewhere between

… the ebb…

….and the flow…

Erik Emil Eskildsen’s work feels like taking a journey.  Below is the travel diary I wrote in reaction to his release That Which Carries the Strength of Time.  Join me, won’t you?

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a piece of music is worth a million.

Over time, one stray thought can infiltrate every fiber of your being and become who you truly are.  Perhaps it starts as a fleeting nag.  A random fragment of memory.  An annoyance.  A shimmer of light upon a lake smooth as glass.  A spark in the dark.  Then it’s gone.  Was it there at all?

Focus.  There!  Stay with it now.  Will it to stay.  Follow it along, that speck on the breeze skipping across your brain’s synapses.  Consider what it is, what it means.  What seems harsh and brash need not be negative.  Perhaps this is motivation?  A jolt to break you from your usual dreary drudgery?  A snippet of a former self, long forgotten, but true to your very nature.  A seed of your primal being, lunging forward into your consciousness, pleading to exist in the here and now.  Hear, and now.

Familiarize yourself with the contours.  The reaction of the space around it.  Welcome it, prepare for it.  Hold room for it and let it persuade.  Note the ebb, the flows, what follows.  Not predictable, yet predicates change.  Not reliable, yet reliably part of the whole.

In time what was once odd, rouge, random, fleeting has become the structure, the basis, the rock.  With time, it is That Which Carries the Strength of Time.

Buy Erik’s work here!


Once when Erik announced he was performing in Vienna, I joked and asked him to save me a seat since I would be “a little late.”

He did.

Thank you, Erik!  Such a swoonworthy gentleman!



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