Swoon.  /swo͞on/  A verb.
be emotionally affected by someone or something that one admires; become ecstatic.

I swoon. You do, too. Admit it. It can be freeing.

Many things can make one swoon:

A person you find attractive.

The feeling said person gives you.

A work of art.

A piece of music.

The admiration of the talent it takes to create a work of art.

Doesn’t it follow that the culmination of attraction+admiration+art can = swooning over musicians?

Mostly I swoon over music and musicians, and sometimes I feel compelled to write about my swoonage. People have seemed entertained by some of my ramblings and some have recommended that I create a blog… so here I am, and here are some of the things that make me swoon.

(Special thanks to Markus Reuter for suggesting the very appropro title of my blog, and for his sustained patience with my swooning over him.)

The fine print and housekeeping:
Now, this blog is something I do for fun and to get this stuff out of my brain.  I’m not claiming to be an amazing writer.  There will be plenty-o-spelling and grammar errors.  Deal with them.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so by all means comment away!  Just know that the older I get the less shit I put up with so if you troll me in my happy place here, I’ll delete it.  Play nice or have a nice life, far far away.  K? K.

I suppose I should note that I don’t get paid to express my opinions here.  Occasionally I get to download music for free when something is offered publicly as “free or pay what you wish” but I rarely do – that is essentially stealing from hard working artists.  Pay for what you get, people.  It’s the right thing to do.  If you can’t afford much this time, make it right next time around.  Go see live performances.  Buy music directly from the artists when you can.  More money goes into their pockets that way.  Thanks!